Michigan artist James L. Lawton is inviting the public to participate in future installations of the exhibition entitled Evolutionary Artifacts. He is requesting those interested in participating submit photographs of relatives, ancestors and/or family heirlooms by upload these images on-line. Digital images for projecting as part of the experiential artwork may be uploaded through the following website: www.lucyandyou.com . Submission of digital photograph(s) constitutes approval of rights for display, public viewing and marketing.

When you sign the Evolutionary Artifacts Exhibition agreement you are agreeing to allow James L. Lawton LLC to display, project, publish your photographs and any supplied links on the web and future publications. James L. Lawton LLC is not responsible for infringement, piracy, unauthorized copying and/or use of the forwarded images. You as the contributor assume total responsibility for risk. You agree that all images submitted have the right to be submitted and are created by you which no other person (or persons) can claim the submitted images as their own or a collaboration of. You also agree that all of the images and information submitted is correct to the best of your knowledge. James L. Lawton LLC will not knowingly violate the rights of any person (or persons).

Checking the agreement box for website submissions indicates an acceptance of this agreement. (Box must be marked with and “ X” for digital submissions.)